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Kansas City Personal Trainer

Kansas City Personal Trainer

In 1995 I decided to switch from being a long distance runner to lifting weights in the gym. I spent all four years in high school running track and cross country; and all four years in college solely running cross country. Upon graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College, I continued with my running career participating in numerous Kansas City road races. My goal was to lose weight and look the part of a marathon runner in addition to acquiring my internal health. Neither goal was being met. In order to attain my goals I decided to embark on a new adventure: natural (no steroids) body building. After wearing out every piece of equipment in my parents' home, I decided to join a gym and hire my first personal trainer. Within eleven months I was preparing for my first natural body building show. Over the course of the next twelve years I competed in a total of eight shows winning every place but first. The competition aspect of my training was just an ends to a means, though. My ultimate goal was to achieve a certain physical look and to be healthy internally. The first goal was achieved, but the second was sorely lagging behind.

Kansas City Personal TrainerMy journey into the world of natural body building spurred my desire to get my health back completely. As a sophomore in college I experienced excessive swelling in both of my feet which then graduated into my left ankle and calf. Eventually the swelling encompassed my entire body over the course of the next six years. I exhausted every Western medicine possibility of a cure. My next step was to try Eastern medicine. Much of the swelling, I have discovered, has come from food and environmental sensitivities. My health is now returning to me through acupressure treatments and vitamins.

The health journey I have been on for most of my life is one I want to share with people. As a personal trainer I have come in contact with many people suffering from similar issues I have had to deal with in the past. I am here to pass on the information I have in order to help those people make educated decisions about their own health; and in general, to help them live a better quality life through exercise and nutrition. Hopefully the fact that I am mobile in my personal training business will help me to accomplish each of those goals and reach a greater number of people. I can train my clients out South at Fitness Quest, At Your Convenience on 75th and Mission and in your very own home! I look forward to helping you start living a happy, healthier life!

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