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  • House sitting (in-home stays & visits)
  • Pet sitting
  • Dog walking
  • Watering plants

Pet Sitting Kansas City - Personal Trainer Kansas CityThese are just a few of the services I ofer through my business. Over the years the variety of services has expanded. It's not uncommon for people to hire me to water their outdoor/indoor plants or lawns. What I'm best known for though, is staying in my clients' homes with their four-legged "kids". I take care of the newspaper, mail, "kids" and house.

My clients know that all they have to do when they are ready to make plans for a vacation anytime of the year is call me to make sure I'm available to move in to their homes during that time, pay the non-refundable deposit which is half of the total amount of money due and pack their bags.

This business comes naturally to me. I have always loved animals! I was very introverted as a child so my parents bought me my first dog in hopes that I would talk to it and they would be able to learn what was going on in my life. It worked! To this day I still talk to animals... the ones I walk, the ones I "baby-sit", and the ones I don't even know. Over the past eight years I have learned a great deal about the animal world. For instance, each animal has its own personality. Some dogs are more like cats: independent and aloof. Some cats are more like lap dogs. And some cats and dogs are like little people. Something else I have noticed, people's pets are living longer these days. The pets know when they are in a warm and loving home and being fed well. Due to the fact that the animals are living longer, the pet owners and I regularly discuss a wide variety of health issues. I have cared for many diabetic animals, arthritic animals and geriatric animals in general.

I have found over the past eight years that most pets enjoy staying in their own home environment as opposed to going to the vet or doggy/kitty motel. My clients have peace of mind when they leave town on vacation; and they know I'm either staying in their home with their "kids" or I'm stopping by on a daily basis to check on them. They know they have just invested in two services for the price of one: a pet sitter and a house sitter. So when you are ready to make plans for your next getaway, reserve your spot in my calendar first, make your travel arrangements second, and then pack your bags. Everything on the home front will be taken care of while you are gone!!

Pet Sitting Kansas City - Personal Trainer Kansas City