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Katie greeted at my first session, nearly a year ago, with a cheerful sincerity and a calm reassuring demeanor. She informed me that she would tailor our sessions to my current fitness level and wed move ahead at my own pace. Im delighted to say she has kept her promise and my strength, stamina and flexibility have all improved. There has been an added bonus, weight loss! That was not part of my original fitness plan, but I couldnt be more delighted!

I would recommend Katie Buell for anyone wanting a calm positive fitness experience. Her professional manner and enthusiasm keep me challenged and anything but bored.

Thank you,

Cathy - 57

Katie Buell has stayed at our home on four occasions now. Two of the trips were fairly short but two of the trips were 10 14 days each. Upon returning I could tell from my dogs behavior that she did just fine. My dog is 12 years old and would not do well boarding in a kennel. I like to know that she is sleeping in her own (actually my) bed.

The house looked well cared for upon our return, i.e., neat, clean, papers, mail. Everything looked like we had just left.

I trust Katie implicitly. She is a person of good character and I feel totally confident in recommending her for pet/house sitting. Just so it isnt on a date when Ill need her!

Thank you,

Karla Nicol
The day I visited FitnessQuest was most fortunate for me. I was impressed with the equipment, facility and staff. My goal is to remain active, motivated and to live independently. When involved with exercise classes in the past I soon lost interest. My Personal Trainer, Katie, has made exercise interesting. Nothing boring here! Now I look forward to my training sessions. After only a few months of personal training I know I am stronger in every way - thanks to Katie Buell - my Personal Trainer.

Elsie Ball - 82

I have only been going to Katie Buell for a couple of weeks, but I have already noticed good results, and that I have also become much stronger. I leave feeling pumped and energized to start my day.

Mary Madison - 11

Dear Katie,

Thank you very much for taking such good care of our dog Abbie and our two cats, Zeke and Alex. Usually Alex hides from strangers and only comes out when the pet sitter s gone or asleep so I was very glad to know that she not only came out during the week we were gone but also allowed you to per her. Pets have strong instincts so it is evident that she sensed an enormous amount of trust in you.

Katie, I also appreciate how much you attended to Abbie who is still a puppy and can be a little more demanding of attention and exercise than a much older dog. I found you to be very responsible; I could depend upon you to follow through on every request. You welcomed my frequent phone calls to check in on Abbie and the reports were always very positive. My neighbor had also visited on one occasion and reported to me that Abbie knows exactly who you are and that she minds you and has fun with you. The neighbor states that Abbie is happy and silly! I was so comforted by this. The neighbor stated, I think you have a very good sitter and I would use her. Katie, I agree that I think you a very good pet sitter and this was quite a relief to me since we did not previously have a history with you and had to reply on trust and references. It is for this reasons I am writing this letter of reference so that others may be assured that their pet(s) and their home will be well card for and attended to.

Thank you,

Anne Davis

Katie has been my personal trainer for over one year.

I just wanted to thank Katie for helping me get my fitness level back to normal again. My busy life as a senior manger keep me going 12-14 hours a day. I really dont have time or inclination to exercise. Having her as a personal trainer brought discipline and interest back into my fitness regime. I am very impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. After understanding my fitness goals she helped me with the right plan and approach. All in all it is a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her services without qualification.

Thank you,

Johnson Dammu - 46

Katie Buell has watched our home and our dogs for the past eight years. Shes always done a magnificent job and we recommend her without hesitation.

We trust her implicitly and can tell you her character is above reproach. Shes one of the most honest and caring people we know.

Some people may be leery having someone else say in their homes. You dont have to worry with Katie. You can be sure your home and pets will be well cared for in your absence.

We cant say enough good things about Katie and shes done for us.

Its our pleasure to write this recommendation for her and wed welcome the opportunity to answer questions anyone has regarding Katie or her services. We think shes wonderful!


Dr. David & Lisa McCormick
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